Textbook season! Guide for UMHB students

1. Confirm textbook information from instructor, other classmates,

Or… it is already updated in umhb bookstore website, http://bookstore.umhb.edu


2. Once you have right information about the book,

Usually  – Book title  /  – Edition   / – Author  / – Year


(ISBN is the best, but UMHB bookstore website doesn’t provide that information)


3. Go to online book store to buy second hand book for save huge amount of money.

http://www.amazon.com -> most commonly used website.

http://www.campusbook.com -> helps you to find cheapest book in the internet.


4. Sometimes,

1) Buying International Edition saves.

There is a edition called “International Edition”, which International students like…

completely same contents, but different finish (hardcover / paperback), sold in other country like India, Thailand, Malaysia etc.

Most of international edition is paperback, but they have same contents.

Most importantly, these are as cheap as 50% of original book.


2) Buying older version saves.

You might found some books (especially used books) are as low as 0.01 cent.

In most of case, book price are overly low, because they are different edition.

so please make sure you read all the description.


3) Buying Instructor’s Edition saves.

Instructor’s edition…

These books are textbook publishers provide to college professors in order to let them evaluate the value of the book as textbook material. These are not supposed to “for sale”.

But maybe some of their ethics just can’t be trusted. They put those instructors copy on amazon.com to make extra profit. Most of time, Instructors editions are clearly stated in book description.

So, again, read the description before you buy it.

*** reading description is a very important way not falling into the trap that seller has set.

What if you did everything right, but you received a instructors edition?

Well, if you didn’t read book description carefully that is your fault. But if you did read the description, buyer didn’t specified that, that is not your fault, you might consider return. If buyer don’t accept return, you can call amazon.com customer service.

Well, there is another way to take advantage of this situation. Ask for discount from seller.

Return takes time and extra-cost, if I am a seller. I would accept discount offer instead of return.

So please ask for discount if you don’t mind use instructors edition.


5. Consider resale your book before you purchase it.

Because I found the most of us resale the book after we finish the semester. You may consider this before purchase…

Second hand books have different conditions.

– New  / Like new  / – Very good  / – Good  /– Acceptable

Usually acceptable is the cheapest, but you may not sell it for good price. If someone offers a competitive price but has better quality than yours, it will not easy to sell it quick.

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