Texas Drivers License Exam Review Questions and Answers

Texas Drivers License Exam questions from end of the handbook. Answers for questions in Chapter 5 have been omitted because most of chapter 5 questions are related to road sign recognition.

I typed all the questions and answers, may have some incorrect ones, but I have passed driving permit with the study materials anyway……

Download: Texas Drivers License Exam Review Questions


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  1. RAM SINGH says:


  2. Mr.Wen says:

    Just buy full coverage for the first 6 month and drive carefully. ^^ There is another posting in my blog about road exam movie clip from Youtube. It will help!

  3. Erik says:

    I love you man..!!

  4. Dani says:

    Thank you SO much! I’m taking this test tomorrow and you have NO idea how much this is helping me. I got up to forty on my own and my brain quit on me. Thanks again!


  5. Mr.Wen says:

    May the best luck be with you tomorrow!

  6. charina says:

    thanks much for your help in this =)

  7. mayra says:

    i cant download it

  8. Ramon says:

    Thanks you are the best

  9. Ehliyet TR says:

    Very nice, Tank you.

  10. Brianna Atkinson says:

    oh my goodness thank you so much. i think i love you.
    you saved my life. thanks 🙂

  11. Nina says:

    Are these the same answers for the Written Learner’s Permit test as well?

    Please reply back!


  12. Mr.Wen says:

    These are the review questions. For the actual permit test, it is going to be in a multiple choices format.

  13. Rene says:

    I have the same document, but the questions and answers are in Spanish. I didn’t use google translate, I typed the questions and answered them myself several year ago. Let me know if you would like to include this document in your zip file and maybe include a sentence in spanish in the website so that people who do the search in spanish can find it more easily. I don’t have a blog or website and don’t wanna make one just for this.

  14. Mr.Wen says:

    Yeah, I would be nice if you can do so. Thank you. Please send it to blog@wentoday.com , I will have it uploaded within this document with your credit.

  15. likius says:

    cant get this book in my head things just to mush need help……….

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  17. Don says:

    Where are questions 85 -120?

  18. joann says:

    i need the txas drivers license exam in spanish. where can i find it?

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  20. Nafisah says:

    thank u,thank you, thank you. i love u man. u have no idea ow this is gonna help me.

  21. rachelperez- says:

    I,m ready too take my test I hope

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  23. Marie fe says:

    I had a plan to take the exam but I was so scared,scared to not to pass the test..so thankful now coz I know this site can help me to go trough…happy this could help me to pass the test in just one take…..thank you

  24. u v says:

    i m done with the backside questions of the booklet.. is that enought to pass the test ??

  25. Tia H says:

    OMG! this has came in handy yes now i will be able to pass Thursday im so ready!!! and exicted.. becuase i was very worried that i would fail and i was NOT ready what so ever. this study guide would help mew cheat lol THANKS…

  26. Sophie says:

    Coming from oversees I find it hard to memorize the fines. I am doing OK on all other questions (based on the results of the online free tests that I’ve done multiple times). Is there a clever way of learning them? Right now, I am cramming them and remember certain questions + matching answers. How many questions regarding fines will be in the written test? What are the chances on passing the practical driving test for someone who has been driving for 10 years already, never got fined for anything, knows how to park (parallel and all other styles) and is considered a defensive driver according to friends and family? Thanks a lot for the “cheat sheet”.

  27. Jennifer says:

    What do I need.to pass driving licence test

  28. Vince says:

    If you ready the Texas drivers Handbook and Read through these notes. You should be able to pass the test easily. Btw thanks for sharing

  29. handi sutanto says:

    Mr. Wen. Thanks a lot for your effort in sharing the answer to Texas Drivers Handbook.
    God bless you abundantly because you have no idea how you have helped me obtaining a DL very fast so that I could take my parent for daily medication therapy. Thanks once again. Your move made a big impact for many ones. Thanks once again. God bless you!

  30. Random says:

    doesn’t work says i have to buy win rar software to open the download

  31. Keland Busby says:

    Thanks, for your effort in helping many persons with the exam portion of the test. It really helped a lot.

  32. WEN says:

    you need to download 7-zip (free software) to unzip it.

  33. Christina says:

    This will help my cousin a lot, thank you!

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