Map for Yanji City (of China) zipcode 133000

The place where I was from…
He'nan River Area

Name of the river from above picture, is called 布尔哈通河(`Boo/err/Hah/Tung/Huh). The word means “Willow creek”, is rooted from language of “man ethnic group”, who was the ruling class of the last empire of China – Qing dynasty.

The river flowing from west to east; penetrating central area of Yanji city; also divides entire city into two parts – Northern and southern part.

Yanbian University of Science and Technology

That is YUST, the university I’ve got my undergraduate degree.


Luxury Hotel Area

One of the 5 star level luxury hotel funded by Korean company – Daewoo. I don’t know if they still operating the hotel, because I’ve heard they are losing money instead of making money over it.

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