Invisible China: A Journey Through Ethnic Borderlands – Korean Section (About Yanji)

If you are doing some research on Yanji, the capital city of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in China, this article is helpful. Well, not actually that much from this article, but from the book being mentioned from this article.

Book information is as follow.

Colin Legerton; Chicago Review Press 2009

 The book was written in 2009, there are many new things in this region that need to be updated next revision of the book, but still majority of things are remained same. 

Of note, this year[2012] is the 60th anniversary of Yanbian Prefecture, therefore many construction projects are going on to prepare the celebration.


We still eat dog soup, as mentioned in the book. Maybe people from the west civilization never understand the diet, but the dog meat is one of the best in the world.

The central government is planning a 20 year project that will boost economy of the Jilin province, Yanji city will serve as the opening-up window – that is, showcase. I have seen a nice conference proceeding that explains the project and its impact in northeast asia region. This project will bring the GDP growth of this area twice as much than other areas of China.

I also happen to have interactions with a team of people who is helping us making Yanji community a even better place. They are:

  • Barnabas Trading Company Services, who provides company services for foreign companies who want to come to this region.
  • Invest In Yanji, a Investment information search portal that is power by the team of people in BTCS
  • Morning Dew Service, a staff relocation service provider who will kindly help those who wants to come to this region from western world.

So, good luck with exploring this area. If you think there are question I can answer you, feel free to shoot me an email via this web platform. Thanks.

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