How to stop telemarketers? Read following email.

I sent a serious complaint letter regarding Discover Card’s payment protection solicitations phone calls. If you have ever received phone call from them, you will know exactly what I am talking about. They have “Discover Card level” of solicitation techniques!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing, I thought might help you out is the website he mentioned in his email.

I thought kind of interesting. I will register tomorrow, and will see whether it works or not!


Thank you for your message about solicitations you have received from Discover Card. I understand your concern and will be happy to assist you today!

Per your request, I have added your name to our do-not-solicit list. Because marketing campaigns may have begun prior to your request, we ask that you allow a reasonable amount of time for solicitations to stop.

To stop calls from other telemarketers, you can sign up with the National Do Not Call Registry by calling 1-888-382-1222 or by going to

I appreciate your business and the opportunity to be of service. Thank you for contacting Discover Card.



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