How to Remove Google Branding in Paid Custom Search for V2 code

Google custom search engine (or Google site search for paid users, hereafter CSE) is a powerful tool to create your own search engine. With paid version, you have options to remove Google advertisement from search results and Google branding. Google promises Google branding be removed easily by turning off the option in control panel.

However, my recent experience with paid CSE, I’ve discovered that you have to add a custom CSS in your Header section, followed by the V2 code provide by Google.

Basically, Google provides V1 and V2 code. Latter one is simplified Google’s own script while the former one is full CSS script. It is fairly easy to remove Google branding in V1 code because you can see entire CSS code. But since V2 is a simplified script, you don’t see much from there.

Just add following code between your HEAD tag, it should work fine.


<style type=”text/css”>

input.gsc-input {
border-color: #BBBBBB;
input.gsc-search-button {
border-color: #000000;
background-color: red;

.gsc-input input.gsc-input {
background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% white !important;

These code will serve as custom CSS, strengthening the original code in a way.

If you have different way of doing it, or find it did not work, just drop me a comment. Let’s discover why.


I tried to let Google help with this issue, but haven’t heard back from them after they admitted the problem with V2 code. Here I have attached the conversation, hopefully you can get something that I could not. Attachement: CSE_V2_Problem

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