How to delete multiple articles at once at Kindle digital library

For some people, kindle has become more than an option, I use it daily to read articles, especially longer ones. With Amazon-provided “send to Kindle” extension in Chrome browser, sending documents to Kindle devices has become very useful.


But Kindle digital library has a very poor management function, while you can delete one single article, but you cannot delete several articles at once. That is why you have gone a long way to here.

In Chrome browser, get to the page where you the list of documents you want to delete from Kindle digital library, press “ctrl + shit + j”, a developer’s tool will pop-up. Select the console tab, and paste following lines of code, and press enter.


javascript:(function(){ var v = new RegExp("PersonalDocuments"); if (!v.test(document.URL)) { return false; } {a=document.getElementsByClassName('rowBodyCollapsed');for(var i = 0; i<a.length; i++){Fion.deleteItem('deleteItem_'+a[i].getAttribute('asin'));};return; }})();

Then you will see following screen that shows deleting action.




You might also want to try following website:

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