Are you suffering from Internet Addiction Disorder?

You will probably need to see a professional therapist if you’ve answered five or more “yes” to following questions (Young Diagnostic Questionnaire for Internet Addiction by Young, 1998 and Beard and Wolf, 2001).

  1. Do you feel absorbed in the Internet (remember previous online activity or the desired next online session)?
  2. Do you feel satisfied with Internet use if you increase your amount of online time?
  3. Have you failed to control, reduce, or quit Internet use repeatedly?
  4. Do you feel nervous, temperamental, depressed, or sensitive when trying to reduce or quit Internet use?
  5. Do you stay online longer than originally intended?
  6. Have you taken the risk of losing a significant relationship, job educational or career opportunity because of the Internet?
  7. Have you lied to your family members, therapist, or others to hide the truth of your involvement with the Internet?
  8. Do you use the Internet as a way of escaping from problems or of relieving an anxious mood (e.g. feelings of helplessness, guilty, anxiety, or depression)?

Following are the list of the original journal articles that mentioned using above criteria to diagnose IAD. (Click the links on the article to conduct google search/ the links to Full PDFs, accessed 1/16/2012, are at the end.)

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