App of the Week 1 – Sumatra PDF reader

Keep a blog running is a challenging task, especially if you decided to do it well. It is a mixture of perseverance and creativity.

When the Facebook and twitter becomes popular, people tend to use them more frequently rather than blog. But still, I found that sharing information in twitter and facebook is less fun than that in a blog. Because blog is a richer environment that allows you to share more sophisticatedly structured messages.

I started this blog at November 25 of 2008, with a strong determination. I promised myself that no matter what happens, this thing goes on. Most contents here have been things I thought that are interesting or helpful in someway. Therefore, I did not have a particular theme in this blog. But today, I thought that if I have a particular theme, it would be easier for me to keep the writing.

So, I decided to start a weekly series “App of the Week“. Every week, I will introduce a computer software that may not be created  by the mainstream companies, but is really neat. I will start with Sumatra PDF reader this week.



If you think opening a PDF document is a painful experience because Adobe Reader runs slow, you should try this program. Especially, if you need to open multiple PDF documents at once.

Sumatra PDF is a lightweight open source program which opens a PDF file like a text file.


  • Package Size: 1.2MB
  • Environment: Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000 (Does not work at 98, me, and 95)
  • Portable: Yes, Does not use Windows registry.


  • Lightweight.
  • Supports index.
  • Supports Asian characters [Chinese, Japanese, and Korean].


  • Does not support interactive elements in this point. Means that if the PDF contains forms and marks, it will not be shown up in this program.

Download [HereDue to security reason, I only provide link that redirects to the download page.

Screen Shots 1 – About Page

Screen Shots 2 – Main Window

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