Access Facebook and Youtube for free in China

[Another article on how to circumvent Chinese GFW on my blog.]

Many great websites of our age are inaccessible from the territory of the “central kingdom” – China. Facebook, YouTube, and many more useful websites are blocked by Chinese GFW. Wikipedia and Flickr is accessible at this moment, but they weren’t allowed back in years ago.

Apart from a politically and philosophically charged discussion, I would like to introduce a practical method that you can use when you are in China to access those blocked websites. Many people may vaguely understand the term and its use of “proxy server” – a computer server that can act as an intermediary to handle requests of clients. As far as I am concerned, by far, utilizing the proxy servers that is function in the outside of the area (territory) in which you are being blocked, is the most affordable and simple method.


But the problem of the proxy servers is that they are not always available to lay people like me. There is no single free proxy server that is always available to you. Therefore, you always have to look for new ones. And there is no reason that people want to provide such costly infrastructure to people freely.

There are not many great proxy server solution around the internet. But the one I would like to introduce in the post has been around internet for years and I think such longevity speaks for the quality and reliability of the software itself.

Strictly speaking, it is going to be a proxy server solution is wrapped within a software.

It is called “Ultrasurf”, if you are in the outside of the China, you can read the background of the software by visiting . Of course, if you are in China, this software is very difficult to be acquired. Because, when you search the term “Ultrasurf” in any search engine, you will be automatically disconnected from internet about 10 seconds by the amazing works of the Chinese GFW.

The software is very easy to use, all you need to do is to execute the program, and the program will automatically attempt to establish a connection. Once the connection is successfully established, the Internet Explorer will be executed automatically.

Because of my limited knowledge in computer network technology, I do not really understand how secure and safe such connection is. They do have a web page that explains such concerns but not much of the technicality is being discussed.

Download it Outside China:

Download it within China: I do not really know where you can download this, since you cannot search the term, and almost every website that provides downloading of this software is blocked by GFW. Therefore, it is best that you ask for a friend who is in the outside of the China to have it downloaded, renamed, zipped, and mailed it to you.

STATEMENT: The purpose of the post is to provide a simple and functioning mechanism to general audiences about accessing blocked websites from certain geographical areas. When you write your comment, please do your best to avoid politically, philosophically and religiously charged or hate speeches.

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  1. Henry Lau says:

    Hey i am from china . and now i got one copy of this . i really appreciate what you’ve written . that helps me a lot. thank you. and i am using it right now.

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