4G wireless and Clearwireless

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Not too long ago, wireless Internet was a relatively new concept; it seemed strange to be able to get online without the aid of a cable hooked up to the wall. Then people began to purchase wireless systems for their homes, and before long the process began whereby people were soon getting online on cell phones and laptops in cafés and even parks. This is all just to illustrate the fast and far-reaching spread that we have experienced in wireless Internet even in the past five to ten years. Lately, the biggest new addition to the wireless Internet spread is the advance from 3G to 4G technology. Visit www.clearwirelessinternet.com for some information on one provider’s means of bringing you 4G wireless connections. In the meantime, here are a few things to know if you are considering signing up with a wireless network.

Thanks to its many, far-reaching wireless service towers, Clear Wireless (one popular option for 4G customers) can bring you fast, easy wireless access just about anywhere, on just about any device. You simply choose a wireless package that fits your needs and desires and order a receiver modem, which you will then plug into your device to gain instant wireless access to the Internet. You will soon be enjoying the fastest and most reliable wireless service in existence.


For more ambitious Internet users, the Clear network also offers tools that can bring 4G wireless connection to multiple devices at the same time. Just recently, they launched what is called the “Rover Puck,” which for all intents and purposes is a private hotspot you can purchase. The Rover Puck is, literally, a small, puck-shaped item that you can carry with you just about anywhere, and which can connect up to eight devices that are compatible with wireless providers. This Puck, as you can probably imagine, has a wide range of potential uses, from connecting co-workers in an office environment to connecting multiple students in a study group. It represents the highest level of wireless convenience.

There is of course much more to understand about how 4G wireless networks work, and what sorts of services they offer. A huge number of different packages providing different levels of service are available, and it is up to you to research and figure out which ones are appropriate for you. These have just been a few facts and details aimed at telling you a few of the basics when it comes to wireless Internet providers and services.

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