For People consider buying a GPS unit

First GPS, is Global Position System, 24 US Defense statellites trangulate your position by sending signals to your GPS device. I guess previously developed for military use.

Some people confuse it with GPRS, General Packet Radio Service. Another cell data network like GSM. These two are different.

Here is Navigon 4.3 inch portable Navigation with Bluetooth with 299 USD.


I like the above model.
before purchase a gadget, you need to do lots of studies.
Looking at some user reviews from youtube, is always a good idea.
and compare some other stores for the best price.
Good places to go are:

because these online store charges no tax, so usually cheaper than bricks and mortal stores.

Navigon series of system has intuitive and beautiful user interface, and map, which attracted me.
I also believe this is true for most of us.

This unit comes with large screen, Bluetooth technology, real time traffic information. These are some of the features don’t have in mine.
It is cool, only if you don’t care about the price.

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